Puma Suede Platform Rihana

Puma suede platform takes puma suede as the design prototype, and injects luxurious rebellious spirit. Rihanna of Puma suede platform is a famous singer, trendsetter and creative director of puma. Rihanna skillfully integrates her independence in music and fashion, her love for Japanese street culture, and puma sports style design to create shoes that show her sexy and fearless attitude. Puma suede platform uses high-quality suede material to create a simple bright upper shoe body, which continues the classic contour and charm, and is equipped with the more popular women’s creepers type thick sole to present the fashion trend. New design elements, shiny materials and colors make the classic puma suede shine again. When sports meet the trend, the naturally shining puma suede platform is destined to turn the street into a show.

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